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FieldWorks Events & Marketing Inc.

FieldWorks Events & Marketing Inc. specializes in event management, sponsorship development, and public relations & media, with a focus on increasing revenue and growing an event while providing maximum value to sponsors.

Our Clients and Partners

FieldWorks clients are non-profit agencies, municipalities, and other event planners. FieldWorks develops packages to attract a variety of partners (local, regional, and national) whereby they can leverage an event to gain exposure and directly increase sales. FieldWorks works to increase the value they derive by bringing partners together, for example by bringing together national brands with local retailers for in store promotions and with local media for coverage. FieldWorks also leverages relationships with media partners looking for non-traditional revenue (NTR) opportunities for their clients.

FieldWorks works with a wide variety of events in Arizona, giving a potential partner a wide range of options from which to reach exactly the right audience. While companies have an ever-growing array of opportunities for advertising and promoting their organization, only events provide the ability to leverage media as well as the ability to reach out directly to the community in a fun, non-competitive environment. Along with increasing awareness and educating potential consumers, partners can achieve incremental business through point of purchase,coupons, and direct sales opportunities. Events can serve to build momentum at the local level, supplementing national campaigns.

Partnership Opportunities

FieldWorks has been working with events in the metropolitan Phoenix since 1990 and has developed a good working relationship with area promoters, fund-raising organizations, and municipalities. Partners can leverage FieldWorks’ knowledge and experience in this market to identify the events that will best fit their promotional strategy, objectives and budget.

Partners can look to FieldWorks to draw upon the diverse range of activities and events in the area in developing a comprehensive event promotions plan. The partner can depend on FieldWorks to negotiate, contract, and manage all aspects of this plan.

FieldWorks Events & Marketing Inc. – A unique formula for success!

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